Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

 It's a white umbrella photo shoot today.  The almost summer-like sunshine of last week is just a memory.  Somehow, though, the rain seems gentler and while it's cooler than last Sunday, it's OK.  No winter coat, scarf and mitts.  Walking around in a sweater is quite comfortable - as long as I have umbrella.

The maple is just bustin' out of its shell.  Lots of leaf  curled up inside that bud.  Maybe next week?

And copper beech just plods along without visible change.  Aside from its gorgeous copper-y leaves, no one could ever accuse this tree of being dramatic.  Slow and steady creates the beauty.

This is not a forest of daffodils.  No, it's part of a rapidly colonizing group of Solomon's Seal.  We planted three or four that a woman running a garage sale gave us. a few years ago.   I admired them in her garden and she ran to get her shovel and dug us out some.  Considering their spreadability, I think I see why she was so keen.  I, however, have lots more room for them to expand into. 


Susan Kane said...

Any day now, it promises, soon...

J.G. said...

Lovely, inspiring renewal. I love these kinds of close-ups.


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