Sunday, October 19, 2008

Afternoon delight

So the other night - in the middle of the night - we heard the pump which deals with unwanted water flooding the crawlspace struggling. This meant that something was very wrong somewhere. But, as you've noticed we've been really busy for the last few days. Not even at home most of the daylight hours. Besides, it was raining.

So, today, despite being totally exhausted, we decided to be proactive. The weather's perfect today but it's going to rain again by tomorrow. We'd better be prepared, right? So, Anne dons her Buckeye boiler suit and we dig right in. The sump pump was very clogged and didn't make a very happy noise. We trekked off to Rona to buy another. Did you know that sump pump sales are final? We made the hapless clerk unpack it before our eyes - it was a repack and who knows about that?

Back at the big hole in the ground, Anne works her magic. I am ably assisting with clever suggestions and supplying the tools needed, when needed. Sort of like the OR nurse. Oh, and I'm the second pair of hands because one always needs at least four to do this kind of work. Eventually, after a lot of pushing, shoving and a little swearing, the new pump was installed. It worked beautifully and the water was pumped away - fast, fast. Yay! Anne earned a rest on the driveway.


deb said...

Way to go Mom! That is definately your colour! ;)

Paws on the Run said...

It really hurts my back to laugh but I couldn't resist


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