Monday, October 20, 2008


So, some of us had to work really hard selling our stuff while the boss just stood around drinking coffee, wearing her hard hat and schmoozing with the customers.

It was a success. We made almost $5K which I think is nothing short of wonderful in this economy. What we were selling were luxuries which are certainly the first things to be cut from the shopping list when the belts start to tighten. And, since a lot of our potential customers were dealers, they need customers to be buying the goods from them. If only we we could just cycle back about a month and have the sale then. However, no need to cry - it was good. And there are a lot of positive outcomes to such a community effort that can't be measured in monetary terms. We had lots of happy helpers.

I even met the mom of one of my former Brownies. Lucky for me, she'd been just looking at old photos and recognised me. I sure wouldn't have known her out of the blue like that. And it's always fun to chat with people about the books. After the dealers leave, the customers are so genuinely interested in the books for their content. The constant theme was how sad it is that there isn't a home for all these unwanted books. To me, what's even sadder is that all these books were so loved at one time. But that's another rant.

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