Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, it was pretty nice just sitting comfy in big purple plush armchairs after a morning at a HUGE flea market. I had my usual chai latte and Anne was sampling a salted caramel hot chocolate. It was all so nice and peaceful after the crowds of people and the jumble of stuff for sale.

So peaceful that I started thinking about what I was drinking. It wasn't skinny or decaf or any other kind of pretense at healthy living. And, although the hot chocolate did have the chocolate going for it, there was that salt shaken on top of caramel and whipped cream. And did I mention the apple fritter? Gosh! How could we be so irresponsible?

Definitely a downside to aging is being aware of what foods are contributing to health problems. When I was younger, I know I didn't really pay that much attention. We just ate whatever looked yummy. Weight could be dropped fairly easily with a little effort. Much of our current food knowledge was unknown. Blood pressure wasn't something we gave any thought to at all. Nothing to worry about.

Obviously, we weren't worrying at the moment so I pulled my thoughts from that kind of thinking. Back to the peace of the purple plush.


Paws on the Run said...

I've been wondering about that hot chocolate with the salt... Was it good?

Stephanie V said...

Very yummy...I had a little taste. Kind of hard to drink your chocolate through the big mound of whipped cream but I guess that's the fun part.


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