Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dinner & poker

So, here we are at the Wild West-theme dinner. We originally had a much different entertainment in mind. But the dance group which would have got us up line-dancing had to cancel. Obviously, they never wanted to have to perform for us - ever - as the whole group retired at that point. So, on to Plan B.

Coming up with a fun activity isn't that hard...not for us old Guiders. There's so many games, skits and ideas rattling around in the brain that they'll never see the light of day. So, we decided to go with a saloon and poker game idea. Each person is dealt a 5-card hand. Then we will ask for different poker 'hands' . Every now and then, the players have to change cards with a neighbor or they may discard and get new cards.

I have never made a costume for myself in my life and Wild West is not one of my preferred dressing styles. So to the drawing board for inspiration and came up with: an older dance hall 'girl'. I got a crinoline from the thrift shop, used a top I already had and sewed up a red silk skirt. Making the velvet bows was easy but I had black velvet fluff all over the sewing room. Anne thought she would be a feminist chicken farmer. At least, I think that's the look she was going for LOL

We were surprised to see that all the tickets had been sold and there were some sold after the food order went in. Nail-biting time but when the food arrived there was so-o much. More than enough and even the extra volunteers who just came to help got a share. Then, we played our version of high/low stakes poker. There were prizes big and small and we all had a lot of laughs. Everyone went home happy.
Definitely a success.

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Helen said...

I'm beginning to think you guys have just too much fun.
And by the way, my Fairy Name is
Yarrow Elffly and I am a cheerful sprite.
I also am only seen at midday. . .which may help to explain why I am a late riser


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