Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

An invitation to share a birthday dinner with my son led us to a gentle afternoon adventure.

We collected up our books for trade and headed off to Characters to trade them in. This is a wonderful used book store in Marpole area of Vancouver. We visit about twice a year and always come away with another armful of books to enjoy. The owner took in our trades and we spent an hour happily browsing the shelves for treasures. They also have a good coffee bar if the browse becomes too thirsty.

Then we headed out to Steveston because I wanted to buy that purple sock yarn for Becky. We also wanted to reconnoitre a 'greasy spoon' cafe that had been reviewed in the paper. We'll have to leave The Fisherman's Boot for another day because it's located inside the Harbor Authority and access is restricted on a Sunday. But thinking of food made us a little hungry as we set out down off down the docks. We decided to try the Blue Canoe restaurant which is new to us in Steveston. My calamari were crispy and light and Anne's burger was declared one of the best she'd ever eaten. A lot of seafood on the menu which is what you'd expect in a fishing village. The energetic service was excellent: courteous and professional. With a lovely window seat to watch the boats go by, what better way to enjoy a meal?

But I still didn't have that yarn, so off we went to Wool and Wicker which is one of my favorite yarn shops. Since I was there last, they've opened a new room for social knitting and lessons. This is bigger than the room given to this purpose before and there's room for more yarn to be displayed and more room to browse. I didn't find solid purple but I chose two that had purple in so Becky could choose. You can see which one she chose as I cast on right away so she could see what it would look like.

Then we walked past Steveston Crafts which had clearance yarns in a basket outside. I found the two Summer Cotton yarns (they are slightly different) and then went inside to pay. I fell in love with the blue mix. It looks like fireworks or the Northern Lights. It will be fun to see it knit up.

Now we're ready to head off for the birthday dinner. Since it was still light we took the kids off to the playground - Mom, too. Dinner was from the local Mexican restaurant and was very tasty. Sing 'Happy Birthday', eat some yummy chocolate cake and ice cream and we're ready to drive home. I'm tired from all the walking on my gimpy knee (really slow) but we've had such a lovely day.

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