Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New tricks

It's so much fun to learn new stuff! Like most people, I can be guilty of digging in my heels and trying to maintain the status quo. I do know that I always enjoy jumping out of my comfort zone - after the plunge. And, sometimes, I like it so much I keep on plunging. The cold water always feels warmer that way.

So, here I am, knitting a toe-up sock. Months ago, I downloaded a free pattern from Elann just in case I ever felt like trying. So, Becky's sock has changed. Frogging what I had cast on, I just followed the pattern. No drama; no pain. It's so easy and I think looks very neat. The real test will come at the heel. I've become so addicted to my short-row heels that I kind of made that a barrier to anything new. This pattern has short-row heels, too, so I may just have become a toe-up convert. My 'tried and true' sock pattern was a whole new technique to me 3 years ago. Why stop there?

I don't think Becky will mind and the socks may even fit her better. That's the real test. See? Old dogs can learn new tricks.


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