Sunday, February 22, 2009

Very civilized

What could be more genteel than to have a cream tea on a lovely afternoon that felt like spring?

We were lucky enough to share that with the many who came to celebrate Heritage week at Mollie Nye House yesterday. The Heritage Cream tea is an annual event which raises funds to help operate and maintain this historic facility.

Most of the weekdays, the House is managed by the Lynn Valley Seniors Association and hosts various seniors' programs and activities. But it is also a community center and there are a wide variety of activities that take place here.

This Saturday, our Cream tea reflected the heritage of Mollie Nye whose home this was for her entire life. The house was built in 1913 by her father who was granted the land for his military service to Queen and country. That heritage would have been distinctly British. And so, we have tea.

The room was decorated in spring pastels with tiny potted daffodils on every table. An enormous scone with strawberry jam and cream was a delicious treat. There was a pianist playing and lots of tea drinkers chatting. Since the tables were for four, there was always the opportunity to have a chat with someone new.

A quiet and gentle afternoon tea party on a sunny day. Thank you.

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