Thursday, February 12, 2009

A walk

Not a very long play day but we did have our first walk this year to discover somewhere new. It's been a long time what with snow and more snow. Probably it's really because we've been busy doing too many other things to make time to just explore.

Anyway, we checked out the Pier at the foot of Lonsdale which is where the huge redevelopment of the old shipyards is taking place. The plans are big with a Granville Island-style market and the National Maritime Museum moving in. There's a lot of residential buildings planned but only two building and pre-selling at the moment.

This walkway will eventually be a part of the sea walk all along the North Shore. I think the plan is to link Dundarave to Deep Cove ...maybe even to Horseshoe Bay but I'm not sure of that. Another new piece has been completed from Lonsdale Quay to connect with Harborview park. The Pier is interesting because of the use of old (or old-looking) ship-building tools and sheet metal in their railings and benches.
A little chilly on the waterfront but a really pretty walk.

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Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

the pier always seems windy but I like looking at the harbour from a different viewing point.


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