Friday, December 11, 2009

Catching up

This week has been too busy to do much posting

We've had  our big Christmas lunch party with the seniors.  It was lots of fun and the food was great.  The tiny pink tutus came back to dance for us and the Argyle school choir sang like angels. 

But, Mimi and Ginny had asked for a fridge post.  Here's a couple of photos of the new fridge all installed and full of food.

As we were loading up the freezer - on the bottom - I remembered my own foolishness in the store. There I was standing with the freezer drawer open, reading the booklet inside.  When I realized what I was doing, I hastily closed the drawer so as not to let the cold air escape.  I am amazingly well-trained.  My mother would have been so proud.

Can you see the cute little microwave beside the fridge?  It's new, too.  We've had our old one for such a long time.  It was an original from the 1980's!  But it still worked so well it seemed a shame to get rid of it.   But it was big and clunky and didn't look right anymore - we decided to buy a new one.  We did realize that it would be cheaper and smaller.  But we were chagrined to find that for 1/5 of the original cost (in 1984) we got more power and a more elegant exterior.  And it doesn't make the phone buzz when you walk by when it's on.  Our kids are surprised we're not glowing!


Rudee said...

It's amazing to me that we get such joy out of necessities. I love your new appliances.

I do believe I'm experiencing new appliance envy...

Ginny said...

Thanks for the fridge post! My next favorite thing after shopping is seeing what others have bought! I see you got a freezer on the bottom! How do you like it? I may have to try that next. I also see how neat your food is. I'm a neatnick, so I got a little charge out of that. Your old microwave sounds frightening! I like the new one, it looks something like mine. I remember the first few years when microwaves came out; how expensive they were. Hundreds of dollars for one. Now you can get a real good one for less than a hundred.

Stephanie V said...

The best thing about new appliances is how clean they are - and how neat the food all looks inside. I wouldn't be taking a picture after a week of use!
Ginny - the bottom freezer is a lot better than the side one that we had before.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, thanks for posting!
Your new fridge and freezer look wonderful, and very neat/tidy.
I had one of those 80's microwaves until recently, and exactly like you, found it difficult to justifyu buying a new one when the old one worked perfectly. But. like you, I gave in and got the new, cheaper, smaller, more powerful one. I gave the old one to my mother-in-law for a spare when she has visitors, but we have a WEE recycling scheme here, when you buy a new appliance, part of the price, which you have to pay, is to have the old one recycled, and you can bring back like-for-like to the shop. It's a good scheme, takes away the guilt factor!


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