Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a day!

So - yesterday started off so pleasantly.

We had lunch with an old   a long-time friend.   We had a delicious lunch, caught up on the gossip and then went to get a preview of Christmas.  Our local seniors' rec. center turns in to a gingerbread house and officially lights the way into Lynn Valley on December 1.

We were so relaxed that when we finally got in our car to do some boring errands - like buy a new fridge - that we didn't even notice that one of the tires was flat.  We left the driveway and rolled back in.
Changed the tire.  Drove to the tire store in hopes that the tire could be repaired.

  While that was going on, we could shop, shop, shop for a fridge.  And even when you've looked at them all online, somehow, the reality is different.  And, of course, the price you thought you'd be paying is never the one you end up with.  No one seems to think a new fridge is very exciting but me.  I love getting new stuff.  I don't care if it's just a new can opener.  I like having the clean, newness ready for my use. I like learning the new way it works.  Oh, how my life needs these small excitements. 

So, we were successful with our appliance purchase - we'll see on Monday when it's delivered.  Then, since were in the neighborhood, let's go buy those new running shoes.  Off we go.  Oops!  The phone rings and it's Tire Guy.  Sorry, can't fix it so if you can come back right now we'll install two new tires by 6pm.  How can we refuse an offer like that?  It's only 4.45!

Crawl through the rush hour traffic and hand over the car.  Tire Guy sets to work and we go off for a half-hour walk.  It's a clear and frosty evening and the moon is shining huge and white over the mountains.  We tried to get a photo but it really just looks like a big white polka-dot on black fabric.  The moon-ness of it is completely lost.

Tires on.  Home again.  Grab a bite to eat and pull on our mitts and woolly hats for a walk up to the gingerbread house.  They're turning on the lights tonight!  And a beautiful sight it was.

Santa arrived and there were lots of people - and kids - to visit him.  The lights made everything magical.  The sweet little girls in pink tutus danced and everyone sang.  This was a much more fun excitement.  And a great end to the day!


Rudee said...

I love new shiny appliances, too. My stove is so bad, I can't bear the thought of Christmas dinner and the cooking of said dinner. That said, I'm renting, so I won't change a thing. Soon.

The gingerbread house looks intriguing.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Oh joy! A new 'fridge! I hope it's a fabulous one. Sorry to hear about the expenditures for the two new tires but now you have new ones for winter driving.

The gingerbread house is certainly colorful and cute.

Rose said...

I know what you mean. Steve mentioned getting a new fridge with tax return money and I was thrilled! Sorry about the tires but it sounds like you had a lovely day despite them. The moon is lovely, isn't it? I havent been sleeping much due to being sick so I've had lots of ttime to notice; and I hear we have two full moons this month.

Ginny said...

I love the story of your day. I feel exactly the same way about new stuff that you do! We've just ordered one of those new Keurig pod coffee makers, and I'm so excited that I plan a blog post on it! Why don't you take pictures of the new fridge, and do a post on it. Tell us how you like it and all about the features. You can tell I'm way too much into consumerism!

Mimi said...

Hi Stephanie, I can see that you hit a note here!
I too like getting new stuff, and it doesn't much matter what the new thing is, so long as there aren't too many instructions.
That gingerbread house looks fabulous- do tell more, please?
And I agree with Ginny re a blog post about your new fridge.
Now that's 2 blog post ideas for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

We drove by all the lights tonight, there seems to be more this year. Very pretty.
Enjoy the new fridge and tires.

Catherine said...

I like new kitchen stuff too! Got a new springform cake tin today -excuse being I didn't have a 9"/23cm one and this was half price and only cost 10 euro ($15 canadian) so cheap for a really good quality one - I am sick of cheapo ones that flake teflon after a few uses. Just put my Christmas cake in the oven now. Not in the new tin as it was a 10" I used. I have no microwave now, got my first in 1987 and took it to Africa in 1989 where it served me well for a few years till generator surges killed it. Had another one - much fancier and cheaper - from 1997 to 2004 when that died during house renovations - cement dust I blame - and I never replaced it and now don't miss it! Love the new fridge, mine is a mess compared to the neatness of yours!


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