Wednesday, December 23, 2009

House party?

It all started so well...

It looked like such a sturdy little house.

It had the most wonderful decorations.  They looked like jewels on a palace!

Then we noticed that the icing wasn't as hard as it could be.  Then the gingerbread roof broke .  The room was too humid and the materials were softening.  And the icing still wasn't hard enough.  Oh no!

So, what do good builders do?  They take everything apart and lay it flat to decorate.  The beauty of horizontal walls is that they can be really  glammed up.

One got tired of waiting and found a corner to nap in.

So, after a night drying by the fireplace, the house was reconstructed.  Quick, get a photo!

Good thing, because sometime in the night...

I can't tell you how many lessons we all learned with this adventure!


hip chick said... least every one was a good sport about it.

Mimi said...

He he he!
Had a good laugh at this one, Stephanie, cos exactly this happened to us a few years ago. We hadn't even made the gingerbread, bought it in Ikea.
But I suppose the kids don't care too much as long as they can eat it.
And it was a good adventure!

Ginny said...

I'm loving this post! You are a good problem solver. Are these your grandchildren? How special to be able to do this with them!! They will always have a wonderful memory.

Angie said...

I bet it still tasted as good.... yum

Annie said...

These are so dear. I regret that I never did this with my kids. Can't imagine why, looking back on it. Someday maybe there will be grandchildren and THEN . . . :-)

Anonymous said...

Best part is in the eating. After dinner on New Years day, the house was ripped apart and devoured. Sorry it fell apart on its own. But it looks like a fun day.

Catherine said...

Looks like you all had a laugh doing the gingerbread house - Rachel Allen has a nice one in her Baking book, which is lovely and I might even be tempted to try it one day! THis looks like it! Hope you enjoyed eating it anyway.


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