Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party on!

2009 is almost's been a great year!  I have met some lovely people, and been to some beautiful places.  I have been healthy.  There was some joy every day.

I'm not very good at keeping resolutions and every year my resolution is not to make any.  But every year I break my resolution before the year has even begun.  It seems there's always something to improve on the old my resolution this New Years Eve is to continue all the good stuff from 2009 and leave out what didn't work so well.

Here's to:
 - sharing the interesting, beautiful, wise and wonderful  aspects of life with my blogging friends around the world
 - playing with my grandkids

 - knitting the yarn stash, reading all those books in piles around the house, and hooking some new rugs

 - listening to those ideas which didn't come out of my own head

 - enjoying the moments as they come

Cheers, everyone!  Happy New Year!


Ginny said...

What an offbest, fun, and truly dazzling photo!! Did you think of this idea? It's very clever and artistic, could almost be a poster. Are those real ice-cubes? I agree with you about resolutions, and playing with our grandkids more!! Happy New Year!!

Mimi said...

Happy New Year, Stephanie!
It's been a great pleasure getting to know you, and meeting you in Dublin was cool.
I love the "listening to those ideas which didn't come out of my own head", I must do that too.
Lovely composition in the pictures.

DiamondVVV1 said...

Happy New Year Stephanie, all the very best wishes for 2010!

Angie said...

Best wishes to you & yours for Twenty-Ten.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Those are cool cocktail glasses! Pretty pin and jacket, too. =)

I'm not good at making/keeping resolutions but I sure like your "here's to" list.

All the best to you in this new year!

Joanna said...

I'm with Mimi, I just love the resolution to "listen to those ideas that didn't come out of my head." Way too often we get stuck in our own and don't listen to others. Good one for me to work on!
Happy 2010.


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