Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tone is important when you see a word.  I'm sure the decorators at this store intended their display to inspire and cheer.  But by putting the mannequin beside the word they've given it a whole new dimension.

Getting this shot was pretty tricky, too.  I saw the wall decoration but had to wait while a little boy had his photo taken.  He was standing cozily between O and Y.   Then when he saw our camera poised, he ran back to get in some more.  It took some coaxing on his mom's part to get him to leave his new modeling gig.

Then a man and wife walked by and saw us taking the photo.  Ooh! he said - that's a good picture.  And he whipped his camera from his pocket.  He even offered to move the mannequin!

So,  a display that caught my eye with its shiny Christmas baubles became in the space of a few minutes a model's backdrop,  a great photo op,  a message of holiday spirit, a bit of tongue-in-cheek word play, a meeting of minds for camera carriers - and a blog topic.  Not everyday THAT happens!


Ginny said...

Don't you just love blogging opportunities likr this? I love strange, bizzare holiday things, and this sure is one. I did click on these pictures to get a closer look. And that mannequin is positivly new wave gothic! She's bald, but has Christmas balls on her head, a dress of feathers, and tacky black stockings, and wearing no Christtmas colors! What do you think these people were trying to say? There must be some message here, but it evades me.

Mimi said...

Not every day indeed! I love when that happens, and you have that thought..yippee, my blogging buddies will enjoy this!I enlarged your pictures, and it's an intricate piece of work. I admire the mind that came up with the idea.

Rudee said...

Ooh. A new way to use my left over ornaments--as a hat. And hey! Where are her shoes? It's winter...

I'm always smitten with your photographs. They're lovely.


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