Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day

So here we are...the first big summer holiday weekend.  It's raining here, of course.  Tease us with a few nice days and then rain on our parades.  Very nice.

However, rain does make the plants grow.  We have a few giants in the garden at the moment:

Foxglove is not usually taller the deck railings.

Nor are the pink mallows usually this high.

And our green peas have been going mad.  I never expected them to be this big.  I have to add string to their supports.  And we'll probably have to cage them in on the other side, too. 

Must be something in all that rain water.  The tomatoes would rather we have some sun, though.  Let's get on with summer already.


Rose said...

So pretty, especially the foxglove. Our garden is stressed after the 95-99 degree temperature week last week. Cooler this week so hopefully, the plants will recover.

Together We Save said...

Wow beautiful!!

Joanna said...

Those are gigantic plants--and maybe it's due to the clouds and rain. Do you think they're stretching up to try to find the sun? Let's hope it comes out soon. Happy Canada day. I like your blog's new look.

Angie said...

That lettuce looks good enough to eat!!


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