Thursday, July 8, 2010


Can't seem to get enough of those points, balls and I-cord. 

Back when I made these apres-sledding socks for the Project Yarnway challenge on Ravelry, I thought there might be some mitts to go with.  But when I started knitting up the yarn, I realized that it was slightly more purple than the socks. 

I didn't quit, though.  In fact, I was on a roll and I made a hat, too.  I kind of like it - the fit is quite close like a beanie.   With the points, it reminds me of Jughead's hat.  So that's what it's called.  The mitts have a loop to keep them in place - and were way too hot to wear for the photo shoot this morning!

The next Yarnway challenge is for a Christmas design.  I'm having a hard time getting very excited about this one.  But, the month is still young...who knows what can happen? 

BTW, if you're a Raveler, please put in a vote for your favorite design.   Just go to the Project Yarnway forum and click on the Amateur Runway.  There's some interesting stuff there.  You have til the 15th to vote for the June challenge. 


Anonymous said...

I did vote for you, and I love the the new projects as well. Keep good notes, I think you may get requests for this design.

Ginny said...

You haven't shown any of your creations in a long time!! As usual, they are unique and lovely!! I never would have thought of Jughead, but that's a scream!!!

Mimi said...

Stephanie, all i can say is WOW! These are all amazing, and unique. I love the loop for the finger on the gloves, it's cool!
You're so good at knitting, and so creative.

Mimi said...

forgot to say, i'll go vote for you now, cos you so deserve to win.

Gill - That British Woman said...

they are just so darn cute. Are they your own original designs?



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