Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday wonders - P

P is for Promises.
With the sun finally warming the earth and the air, the veggies are tripping over themselves to get growing.

Blossoms are everywhere and they have wee green fruit which will grow into ripe, red tomatoes.

I love the intricate architecture of the kohlrabi.  When they're just forming, the swirls remind me of the tops of chocolates displayed in a fancy box.

And this is our first cucumber.  So tiny yet ferocious with its little spikes.  The paper on the ground is about 1/4" wide so you have an idea of the size of this baby.  We know it will grow up to be part of a yummy salad or maybe a sandwich for tea?


Ginny said...

Great macros! I bet no bugs bother that cucumber! But the kohlrabi description is just so apt and whimsical!! Several times, you have used descriptions on your blog, likening a picture to something else, and that is when you are at your best! Of course I can see it right away, but not before you said.

Mimi said...

Yes, Stephanie, great macros!
You're reminding me that I need to post some pics of my veg, though they're not as far on as yours.
Be fun, however, to compare growth on both sides of the Atlantic!

Rudee said...

I'm coming to your house for salad. Mmmm.

Ann said...

kohlrabi., this is one vege I have not tried. They cost too much here.

Joanna said...

That kohlrabi is so artistic!

jeannette said...

Your garden is looking gooood!


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