Friday, November 12, 2010


The other day, someone brought in a large box full of these sock kits.  They donated it to the craft group at the seniors center.

Since they don't knit socks and they know I occasionally teach a sock-knitting class, they wondered if I could use them.  The yarn is two different kinds of mohair which, in the pattern, is knit with all three strands together.  Each kit knits a pair of  variegated color socks like the samples.  I'm sure they'd be warm and hard-wearing. 

I'm not sure, though, what to do with them.  I doubt I would use them in a class.  But, since there are more than 20 kits,  I considered  selling them and donating the proceeds.  That is my current favorite plan.  Right now, I'm curious about the kit maker.  Does anyone know who Glenys Morgan is?  Did she dye the mohair herself?  The colors are quite jewel-like and there are some skeins of the dyed curly mohair leftover from unmade kits.  The group can always knit up the extra mohair into hats and mitts. 

Any other ideas?


Paws on the Run said...

I think selling the kits is a great idea! OR you could knit 20 pairs of socks and sell those. ;)

Ginny said...

Yes, one thing you could do is knit the socks and have a sale, but that is very time intensive around the holidays! And you need to think about how you would sell the kits, too, the advertising part. Sorry I don't have any ideas for you!

Mimi said...

You teach knitting class too? You're a woman of many talents!
I've no idea how you'd sell the kits, but.....if you had time to knit the socks, you could sell them on etsy?

Rudee said...

It would take me 3 years to knit 20 pair of socks. I think you should try to sell the fiber--it looks beautiful. Don't forget to market the product as both sock or shawl yarn.


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