Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Today's the day.  We need some warm yellow on this frosty day...

Look at all the pretty ponies brushed up and waiting for a new playmate.

For more warming yellows, visit Drowsey Monkey right here.


pibyang said...

cute little ponies you have there!

you can view our post here:
pibyang,Elijah's Crib

Annie said...

What a sweet memory. I remember when my daughter collected these madly.

Kim, USA said...

Pretty and colorful ponies. This makes me smile want those hehehe. Happy Monday!

Ginny said...

How cute and colorful! Our girls would love them!

EmptyNester said...

My Little Pony!!!! My girls used to love those!

Anonymous said...

Cold weather and snow should start tomorrow here in Denmark, so some yellow color can absolutely do ;-)

hip-chick said...

My daughters used to play with those.

jeannette said...

If no one comes, maybe you could play with it:) I also have a collection of toys (not in such a pristine condition as yours) in a crate, ready for little kids.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Stephanie -- Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Visitors are always welcome, especially those who take the time to comment. I appreciate it.
I've been looking at your blog and of course the first thing I noticed was the beautiful sweater. If I'd been voting, I'd have picked that color, too!
How wonderful of you to rescue ponies so they can find new playmates. We have a rescued dog and her favorite playmate is my husband!!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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