Friday, November 26, 2010

No pride at all!

So, it snowed here.  Looks pretty and all but I'm not a big fan.  When you have to do stuff, it definitely inconveniences.

I live close enough to everything, that I don't have to worry about driving.  As I found out yesterday, walking can also be hazardous!

I had walked to my meeting as the snow poured down.  So far, so good.  Walked another 20 minutes over rutted paths in the snow to get to my piano lesson.  And I was walking home, feeling pretty darn good, when -  Whoops!  I was down!  I was just about home, walking past some shops, when my foot hit a bit of snow that looked solid but had melted underneath from salt spread earlier in the day.  Down I went. 

The part that amazed me, once I had figured out that I had no broken bones, was that no one came to see if I was OK.  I know I yelled - more in anger than fear - and I lay on the ground for at least a minute.  I suppose that all the passersby, bus waiters and shop customers thought if I was sitting up I must be good. 

I have a stiff knee and a sore back but  I'll heal.  The rain has come to melt all the snow - just a few hours too late for me. 


Rose said...

Hope you're feeling okay after the fall; just saw the sweater post----it's gorgeous!! Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are OK. It is such a shock to your system.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I only feel more stupid than anything else when I slip. If I had been there I would have asked if you were alright!

Glad there were no broken bones,


Ginny said...

Oh, gosh I am SO sorry!! I know all about this, I fell a few months ago, and a few years ago in the snow! But when I fall I cannot get up. So I have to wait for someone to pick me up. When I fell in the snow, a delivery man happened to be across the street and I called to him for help. At least you can get up, but it is still scary and shakes you up!! I am so glad you are pretty much O.K.!!! But be real careful!! It is just shameful what you are telling me, and at the Christmas season, too!! What kind of neighbors and others do you have around there anyway
?? A year or so ago, we were driving through the neighborhood, and as we passed by I saw an old, frail lady laying in the snow in the gutter calling for help. I couldn't believe my eyes!! I told Phil to back up, and he picked her up and helped her in her house, making sure she was alright. Her calls had been so weak that no one had heard her. Buy those things that you stretch over your shoes that have those tiny ice picks all over the bottom, Yak Traks, I have those. But you can't wear them inside, they tear up floors.

Penny McKinlay said...

I tripped and fell in Vancouver a few years ago, and an ambulance attendant just happened to be parked nearby and came rushing to see if I was okay. It was very embarrassing as I was hoping nobody had noticed!

deb said...

Can't believe no one came to see if you were OK after sitting on the ground for a minute! I might not have rushed over if you popped back up & started back down the road but if you weren't getting up...really - obviously something could be wrong!

Andrea said...

Ouch! Please be careful. Those "yak tracks" are a great idea. We were all hanging on to each other walking down a slippery hill after rehearsal last night - couldn't believe that a school didn't clear the parking lot! But isn't this rain wonderful?!

Joanna said...

Glad to hear you're ok. It's such a horrible feeling to fall and then to have nobody come to your aid. Yucky. The snow does make for slippery walking. I almost fell this morning while playing with the dogs. Do be careful.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, I'm sorry that you had this fall, but much more sorry that nobody came to help you. That really sucks.
It takes just a split second to fall, but a good while to recover. Take care.


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