Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday wonders - I

I is for Inside.

This is a milkweed pod.  It's nothing like its former pink flower (photo in sidebar)  that attracted so many bees and, supposedly, monarch butterflies.  My friends who come from the East laughed when I actually paid money for a weed.   And, since we have absolutely no chance of a monarch arriving on our plant, it was even more laughable. 

Don't care, says I.  Look what's inside those drab pods.  The seeds are like tiny burnished pieces of wood.  So golden and warm they might have summer stored away inside.  And then, there is the silly tuft of white troll hair.  This plant just keeps on giving happiness in all seasons. 

We might have to look inside for the good stuff.


Ginny said...

What a wonderful analogy, and great pictures!! I don't think I've ever seen the inside of a milkweed plant, how cool it is!!

Mimi said...

Sometimes in nature, you have to look to find the beauty, but it's always there, and worth looking for.
Good for you that you found it!

Joanna said...

Oh my, what a beautiful photo! I think I like this even better than the flower. But what do you mean about a monarch never visiting? Don't they come around this way in the summer? I have a memory of seeing them in my past (I think....)

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Joanna. I was stunned when I walked by the burst pod and saw all these beautiful seeds.
I've been told that Monarchs don't come to Vancouver. I've never seen one and so I accepted that. If you've seen one, then I have hope that my little milkweed could attract one.

Angie said...

Stephanie, this is sooo good - I think there is a troll peeping out!!!

Lindy MacDuff said...

I think those pods would make for some lovely additions to a dried arrangement.


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