Saturday, January 29, 2011


This morning, I opened my eye at 5.30 am.  It was dark.  I could hear rain falling and dripping and running outside.  The occasional car splashed by on the road.  I was warm and toasty in my duvet. 

The day stretches before me.  I have the weekend to myself - no mention of the V-word, please!  What shall I do?

I must practice my simple (extremely) version of a Rameau French minuet for tomorrow's piano workshop.  The plan is that I first play solo and then my teacher and I will play it as a duet.  We both think it sounds prettier as a solo, though. 

I will continue to cast on, frog and, I hope, arrive at a choice for the gray yarn I was working with before Christmas.  This is a frustrating process as the yarn doesn't want to behave in any predictable way.  Patterns are everywhere but I've gotta like it, too.   The long stockings necessitate a yarn purchase...oh! no! I'm going yarn shopping on Tuesday.  I'm thinking a bergundy yarn although Angie's suggestion of bright red is tempting. 

OK...the road to the library is not this pretty but I like the photo

And, right now, I'm walking up to the library.  The rain has stopped and if I nip out quickly I should stay dry.  I'm seeking a 1953 novel  from my list.  I'm thinking maybe a Bradbury or Arthur C Clarke re-read just to ease into period.  I used to read a LOT of science fiction back in the 60's and 70's.  Can't remember why I stopped.  I'll probably figure that out during this challenge. 

When I get home, I'll make some soup and get started on the fun.


Ginny said...

Back in the 70's, I used to read science fiction all the time!! That and fantasy. I don't know why I quit, either. Hey, check out this blog, I thought of you as soon as I saw it. Have you ever heard of Yarn bombing?? It's like grafitti, but with yarn, and is becoming popular! Maybe you should become your city's anonymous yarn bomber!!!

Rudee said...

I think those stockings would be beautiful in burgundy.

You have a lot on your plate today, but then being an early bird, I guess you can put more there. I'm still in my jammies--disheartened by yet more snow. Just tired of it, I guess.

cindy said...

When Friday rolls around I share this excitement, I could... or... how about.... and then I settle for.... sounds like your weekend was doing all you that pleased. I'm about to start another project, perhaps it will go unfinished like others. Happy yarn shopping.
Have a great week

Mimi said...

Missed this yesterday (busy weekend!) so I suppose the soup is all gone?
I agree re red socks- they rock!


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