Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday wonder -R

R is for Round.  There are so many rounds to see everywhere.  So many, it's hard not to see them. 


Balls of yarn

Tree trunks

Wheels of all sorts:  a ferris wheel

A spare tire

Bicycle wheels

And even turtles sunning on a log

and funny 'donut' peaches can be kind of round.

This must be the world's favorite shape. 


Rudee said...

Where is your spinning wheel? Now that's a good example of something round, too, with the wheels, the bobbin and the whorl all combining to make yarn so you can wind it in a ball and then knit in rounds.

cindy said...

I so enjoyed your rounds, it was a good idea and a good post. I am so familiar with the spare tire this past week.

Ginny said...

I know it's MY favorite shape because I AM round!! And after seeing these pictures, round can be a very pretty thing!

Mimi said...

Love those peaches, and the picture brings a lovely summery feeling.
Hope the yarn-shopping went well?
Thanks for email full of info, socks will start soon, and i like your philosophy re holes being an excuse to knit more!


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