Friday, January 14, 2011

 The New Year has had a rough start around here.  I spent the first week preparing for, and anxiously awaiting, a board meeting that had the makings of a catastrophe.  For the past couple of days (before and after the meeting) I couldn't think about anything else.  Over the Christmas holidays there have been a barrage of emails and letters from disgruntled society members wanting to overturn a board decision.  After many sleepless nights, the meeting day finally arrived.  It was a brilliant meeting:  there was drama and diplomacy, grand-standing and graciousness.  I came away happy but exhausted.  Every minute pf prep time was worth it.

And, now, I can focus on Getting Things Done.  I have a sewing room full of things that need to be finished and/or put away.   To give myself something pretty to look at, I'm knitting some pretty pink mittens - Ailbe is what the designer, Kristi Geraci, calls them - I call them Twisted Pink.  Don't you love the cabled cuffs?  They're just complicated enough and the color is gorgeous.  It makes me think of flowers and soft skies in the morning.

And, I'm noticing a few signs and portents that spring will come.  The snowdrops are peeping up through the snow and fallen leaves.

The winter jasmine is smiling sunnily through the raindrops.  All is well.

*All this was supposed to be posted yesterday but while I was writing our internet connection died.  Many hours later, we have it back.  We have a supposedly much faster one now.   I'm off now to see what everyone's been doing while I was doing other stuff.


Paws on the Run said...

Soooo.... Did the price increase stay? Inquiring minds need to know!

I LOVE that last picture of the winter jasmine! I'm so jealous. We just have white and brown stuff over here!

Ginny said...

I wondered where you've been!! But the wait was worth it! Again, a splendid color for the mittens!! And what beautiful flower pictures! I cannot believe those flowers are coming up, it is not even the middle of winter yet! What is up with that?

Rudee said...

The mittens are gorgeous, but so is your proof of spring.

Hopefully the drama dies down a bit and you can get a reprieve from it all.

Stephanie V said...

Paws - there's always room for a compromise.

Ginny - the winter jasmine is supposed to bloom now. The snowdrops frequently pop up sometime in January.

Rudee - thanks. The drama just seems to morph rather than die completely.

Mimi said...

I too wondered where you were!
Love the pink mittens, I love cables very much, and on the mittens they'll make for a cosy cuff.
I've got mittens on the needles too, but that's not all.. just haven't finished so I'm late posting. It's so hard to find time for everything- work, music, cooking, kids, knitting (oh, i nearly forgot the housework!!)

jeannette said...

Glad for you that you survived the disgruntled complaints (no wonder you were exhausted) and get on with your own life.
I love it when snow drops come out . They are so gorgeous -one of the things I miss of a colder climate:)

Angie said...

Glad everything worked out - nice to have you back - spring on the way?

Jane/WTKnits said...

The mittens are absolutely gorgeous! Those signs of spring are pretty stunning too. Great pics. Glad your meeting was ok and you can now move on with things.

Gill - That British Woman said...

glad to hear the meeting went well, can't believe the spring flowers are starting to pop through the earth. It's bitter cold here in Southern Ontario,


cindy said...

Your mitts are sweet, yes I love the colour also reminds me of flowers. Speaking of flowers, thanks for the touch of Spring it is encouraging when we had freezing rain last night.


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