Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warm :)

Those playful squirrels are all now gathering their pine cones for the winter.  In my imagination, I see them scurrying about on a snowy day.  Yes, that means the Squirrel Mittens are finished.  They are in the blocking process now and I'll be keeping my hands warm when the cold winds blow.

Even a quick glance shows that the cuff ribbing is mismatched.  Apparently, I was holding the wrong color in my left hand for the first mitt.  Second one (on the bottom) is done correctly but I like the first version better.  The cuff linings are not sewn in so I can fold them out when I want a longer cuff.  The thumb is not gusseted and I find it a little snug at my thumb joint. 

So, this stranded knitting is something I would try again.  Not something I would seek actively patterns for, though.  I'm happy to have had a more positive experience.  On the whole, I'm pleased with the result - hoping some bumps come out in the blocking - and I've added another skill.  A win-win for sure. 


Rudee said...

Even though they're squirrely, I like them very much!

Paws on the Run said...

They look great. I agree - I like the cuff of the first one better too. I'm glad you tackled and succeeded at a new technique!

Ginny said...

They are SO cute! Thanks for anothe look! I like the cuff on the top one the best.

EmptyNester said...

OMG! I so impressed that I'm speechless!

Rose said...

Great mittens, great button on your grey "scarf", and gorgeous photo of you and your granddaughter!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Squirrely is my favorite, those are really nice looking mittens. My paws would stay very warm in those.

Mimi said...

There's a sense of satisfaction now, not defeat, so you can pick it up any time you want.
I'm excited and delighted for you!
And I like the "wrong" cuff better too!


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