Friday, April 13, 2012

A - Z Challenge: L

L is for Light.

Morning light is so clean and pure.  It is just somehow - there.  Nothing has changed, the trees are still dark but the light is growing and glowing all around them.

As the sun rises, a bit of cloud turns the light pink and the leafless copper beech shows a hint of it's color to come.

Then, for a few moments, everything is bathed in gold.  And, as quickly as the glow came, it disappears.  The magical morning light is gone.  All we have left is a sunny spring day.  Not a bad start, I think. 


Inger said...

I love to see the sun rise too.

Rudee said...

I'd love to see the sunrise, but I am usually not up at that time. On the very rare occasion that I am, it's usually cloudy.

Thanks for showing me what I've been missing. I still won't get up to see it though--casualty of working the night shift.

Ginny said...

A wonderful moment in time you have captured!!

Sue H said...

Working my way through the blog-hop and guess who I find here....! ;-p

I love the early morning light as the sun breaks away from the horizon - everything seems fresh and new.

Happy A-Z'ing! ;-)

EmptyNester said...

Not a bad start at all! Lovely pictures beautifully written!

Mimi said...

I'm the same as Rudee, rarely see the sunrise, and I don't work night shift! I'm just not a morning person, so I appreciate seeing these pictures.
The 2nd one is my favourite.


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