Monday, April 30, 2012

A - Z Challenge : Z

Z is for Zoomer.

What is a Zoomer?  Well you may ask.  A Zoomer is a "Boomer with Zip".  That's a direct quote from the folks who produce the magazine of the same name.  Of course, some of you may be asking: "What's a Boomer?"    

A Boomer is someone who is in the demographic of those born between 1946 and 1964.  That would be anyone between the ages of 48 and 65.  I am, what I like to consider, an original Baby Boomer.  When me and all my schoolmates were  young, having been born after our dads came home from the war, we clogged the schools for years - and just about every other social system, apparently.  But we were all part of the Baby Boom as it was called then.  For some reason, mysterious to me, the sociologists decided to stretch the boundaries of this cohort to include all the children of that particular parent generation.  So, we have a huge group to think about now without the Baby part of the name. 

Now, as we start having our 65th birthdays,  we're becoming seniors.  Not such a happy name for those who are only 48 I'm sure.  Moses Znaimer, a Canadian entrpreneur, figured that he could market to this age group if he could only come up with a catchy name.  And Zoomers were born. 

Now, I have to admit that I don't like the name:  Zoomers.  Yes, there's just the teensiest bit of jealous territorialism about the Boomer identity.  But it also makes me think of zooming around in scooters.  It reminds me strongly of the Zimmer frame which is another word for those metal walkers without wheels.  And it makes me think of time zooming along.  Which it certainly does. 

In my volunteer life, I am part of a seniors' group.  I have no concern about the name at all. As age is just a number so is a label just a word.  It's my attitude that matters.  When I'm feeling generous I can think that's what this Zoomer business is all about.  But it also seems to be like the training bra for a six-year-old.  Why would those under-50's actually want to put themselves in training for being senior citizens?  Is there something tricky about getting old?  I appreciate financial planning for retirement but do we really need a whole lifestyle industry to help us do this advancing age thing right?  And, believe it;  there is an industry.  Just flip through the pages of this magazine and you'll find ad after ad of great ways to spend your money. 

Z.  The end of the line for the A - Z Challenge.  April has zoomed along.  Looking back on my posts, I seem to have been obsessed by this fast forward of time.  Probably because it's been a month with very little time to get everything done that I had on the To Do list.  But I wouldn't have missed out on the fun of a challenge and meeting a whole bunch of new bloggers.  Bring it on...zoom, zoom.


Ginny said...

I have never heard of the Zoomer term!!! I can't zoom anywhere anymore, but there are benefits of being a senior, like the senior discounts. And on Senior Day in the grocery store, just TRY to find a scooter! White haired shoppers are zipping along everywhere in them.

Annie said...

Hi Stephanie. Boy, I sure get this. Retirement two years ago felt like a total reinvention of myself. After decades of work and child-rearing, the relief and freedom I felt was monumental.

I agree, there is a huge industry out there waiting for us and I cheerfully ignore it. We sacrifice a lot in our childbearing years and its easy to feel badly about what was missed. There's no need to carry that into the future.

So, we do what we do, enjoy it to the max (and share it on our blogs). I'm very satisfied with creating my own fun industry.

EmptyNester said...

Time certainly does zoom right on by. I realize it every time I look at a picture of the lovelies when they were little. Which was just a moment ago. A very slight moment ago. And I do get teary eyed. And getting old? I fight it. Tooth and nail. And hair color. I take after my grandmother. When she was in her 80s she would refer to 'the old people' in her church as them and they. LOL

Mimi said...

Being as I don't like the idea of getting old, I don't like any term that smacks of zimmerframe! And I do fit into the zoomer category, even if the younger end of it.
I know it's just marketing, but I think it's horrid to lump people together just on age. I would think the same if it's done on race, gender etc.

But I have to hand it to you, Stephanie, it was a good z post! And big congrats on completing the a-z challenge. You can raise a glass of zhampagne now, to your zoomer self!

lyndagrace said...

Now I know I am a boomer not a zoomer.
Just like our boomer years, this short month of April does fly on by.

Great post.

Lily Tequila said...

Zoomer is a new word and concept- does sound like racing on Zimmer frames! I hope I don't need to buy stuff to get old properly, I'd like to think that common sense would get me through! And that's the A-Z all done- a very good experience of which you have been a very positive part :-)

farawayeyes said...

Seems there is an industry from everything.

Congrats on making it to the END!

Rudee said...

I prefer Boomer, too. I fit just above the middle of that demographic. I zoom nowhere and while I may want some of the amenities that make aging easier, I'm not ready for a scooter just yet. Now my new car? It zooms just fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the A-Z series. Well done. I can't understnad the need to study to navigate being a senior. I don't care for the zoomer tag.

Jessica L. Foster said...

I've never heard of zoomers. Hmm, it seems they need terms for everything. Now, teen, tween, zoomers, boomers. Thanks for posting.

Susan Kane said...

A zoomer...I like it! Sounds zippier than senior citizen.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Well, I think it is a bit tricky getting older...wasn't it Art Linkletter who said old age is not for sissies?

Cindy said...

I'm zooming in for a short stint. Ok, I have to admit I'm not up with it and I didn't know of a zoomer. I rather agree, boomer is well renowned and has a respectful ting to it. I like your analogy with the baby bra. I missed out on a lot of your A - Z and I'm sorry for this, but I too wasn't getting anything done, gardening, web work, building product, and so on and I was getting wider where I sat the most. Although I missed all my blog friends...staying away gave me time to exercise as well, I have good results and I"m back,


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