Tuesday, May 29, 2012

At random

I'm back with the random info-bits that I may never have shared before.  Of course, this required major rummaging through the mind which I could only do in the shower.  So, here I am with ten new- to you - things about me.

1.  I have always liked silver better than gold.  To me, silver has a more human quality.  It tarnishes, and yet, can always be polished to a beautiful sheen.  And, like people, the older it gets, the softer and lovelier the sheen becomes becomes. 

2.  It took me fifty years to appreciate my curly hair.  Or maybe I just got tired of fighting it...I just cut it short now.

3.  I dislike repetition.  Reading books again, seeing movies more than once are not my kind of pleasure. 

4.  This is probably the same root as the above:  I never look back.  The present and the future are infinitely more interesting than the past. 

5.  Personality tests are fascinating to me.  I have participated in so many different methods:  Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, True Colors, numerology.  You name it, I've done it. Horoscopes always make me look.  One of these days, I'll find out what I'm really like.

6.  Many years ago, I wrote and submitted a short story for publication.  Sadly, it was rejected.  I don't really have the knack for writing fiction, I think.

7.  I once worked in a guitar store.  They built guitars, sold them and gave guitar lessons.  It was a wonderful place to work.  Every day, I was surrounded by music.  There was always someone - and usually more than one - playing. 

8.  When I was about six, my friend's grandmother lived in a tiny house in their back yard.  I thought this was the most wonderful place to live and have been wanting a wee house of my own ever since.  There is something so attractive about these small living spaces made for one.  Especially if mine were in the middle of the garden. Or by the sea.  Of course, I'd still need the big house for all my serious stashes. 

9.  My best job ever was being a stay-at-home mom.  I could practice many trades/professions every day:  teacher, nurse, psychologist, UN peacekeeper, seamstress, plumber, chef, communications specialist, drama critic, sports coach, gardener.  Moms get to do everything...the variety was terrific and the pay-off wasn't bad either. 

10.  Apparently, I am shrinking.  My tall sons have noticed this.  And my daughter has also noted that she doesn't believe that she's still growing taller.  I think it might be true. 

The last thing I must do for this award is pass it on to six other bloggers.  I'm sorry but I can't do this - choosing is too hard.  Please visit any, or all, of the bloggers I follow.  Each one is creative in their own way.  I cannot just pick six. 

Thank you to Sue and Julie for the award.  This was fun.


Ginny said...

I LOVE this! Especially your thoughts about silver, how neat. I,also, did not appreciate my curly hair till a few years ago. I had always disliked it so much, but now I love it! I am shrinking at a fast rate. I compared pictures of Mother's Day two years ago to this year...I look a good six inches shorter...the doctor's scale says it's one inch in the last year, seven altogether.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, we agree on so many things.

Rudee said...

I'm with you on the silver. And the best thinking always happens in the shower.

I think I do live in that tiny little house...lol

Cindy said...

I think age puts us in the same likes and dislikes. I'm with you on #9 those were the best years and professional also, the years that my children thought I was the smartest on earth, then that passed and guess what? I became the smartest again. lol. Personally I think looking back is or might keep me from going forward so I keep my eyes out front. Here on the Island many homes have little houses out at the edge of the property line, gardens, or by the pond out back. In the days of tuberculosis the little homes were built and housed the infirm. I love them today and wish I had one, just escape. Happy to be here!

Anonymous said...

Well, number 3 sounds not at all like me - I have some books and films that "demands" me enjoying each 4-5 years :)


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