Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the Garden

Spending my free time in the garden. 

The sun is shining.  The bees are buzzing.  The apple tree is blooming.  If we can keep the rain away until the bees have done their thing, we may have a few apples this summer.  Last year was a bust.


Annie said...

I can almost smell the sweet, rich fragrance of apples to come.

Mimi said...

Oh yummy, that photo just speaks volumes!
And it gives me a longing for a summer that so far is keeping herself so well hidden that we wonder if she hasn't altogether disappeared :-(

Kim said...

I agree, last summer was a bust. I think our apple blossoms should be photo ready in a week or so. Love this time of year!

Ginny said...

Beautiful. Right now, outside is THE place to be!

Rudee said...

Fingers crossed your bees are successful.

It's been rainy and cool here, but today was gloriously sunny and seasonably warm.

Dana said...

That picture reminds me of home. :)


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