Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday wonders - U

U is for Unique.

We are all unique.

We all come from other unique individuals.  Yet there are similarities - the little girl is my aunt with her daddy, my grandfather. 

These are two of my great-great-grandparents.  I wonder what similarities I have with these two unique ancestors?


Pam Lofton said...

Have you worked on finding that out via I'm doing it right now. Be careful though, you get started and, before you know it, 6 hours have gone by!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Love these old photos. I've started wondering more about my heritage as I've been filling out medical histories and know very little. Keep us posted if you go to researching. blessings ~ Tanna

Rudee said...

Well hopefully, it's not the beard.

LOL...sorry, I could not resist!

I think it's wonderful that you have photos of your great-great grandparents.

Ginny said...

You are fortunate to have these old pictures in such good condition. That last picture is a real treasure!!

Angie said...

Like Ginny, I think you are very lucky to have those photos. I'm sure you have the family tree all sorted out.

Lynn Proctor said...

awwww wonderful photos---hi from the az challenge!


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