Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Stash

Getting back to normal...well, what passes for normal around here.  I've got lots of stash, a couple of projects in hand, one completed and a lot of ideas.

 Completed!  The Floaty Summer topper which is so light and airy it really does float.  Two  issues for me: one, I need a flowery frock to wear with this.  T-shirts and jeans are not quite right, are they?  And I think this sweater looks like a bed-jacket.  Does anyone remember those?  My mother had a couple when I was little.  I had a chenille bed-jacket in pink or yellow.  Maybe there were two...that would explain my color confusion.  So, that makes it even more in need of something that a Jane Austin character might have worn to breakfast.

Using the last of my beautiful Christmas sock yarns, I've started a plain, no-thought-required socks.  I had a lot of different ideas for a special design for this yarn but in the end it didn't really suit cables, lace or ribs.  It just needs to be itself.  The colors are like bright jewels.  

And, to keep my brain from getting too relaxed,I'm trying the Torch Lily Tee.  I love turquoise and I have only about 750 yards of this stuff so after a little explore with all the mags stored in the cupboard - another stash - I found  this pattern.  It'll be a while in the making and I'm glad I have the socks for when I can't stand looking at the charts anymore. 

As for ideas.  Well, you know, yarn isn't the only stash I have.  I have lots and lots of fabric, too.  So I think I'm going to hunt  for some flowered cotton for those mornings when I can relax on the deck with my morning tea.  The sun is beginning to spend more time with us.   I used to sew all my clothes, my kids' clothes and occasionally stuff for husband, too.  Sewing up the wee dress for Gabby, I remembered how much I love sewing.  Let's see if I can fit it in. 


Dana said...

Gorgeous top!

Ginny said...

I think you are a beautiful vision in this topper, and the way the light is, I can see how feather light it is. I never even thought of bed jackets till you mentioned it! Yes, you are right...but no one even knows what they are nowadays and even if they do, like me, they would never connect it with them!

Rudee said...

That's a beautiful cardigan. It looks so nice on you--even with a tee. I think it's something you can wear either dressed up, or more relaxed. It's a great color on you, too.

Can't wait to see the Torch Lily Tee.

Rose said...

I bet wearing the sweater with khaki or black jeans would show it off more, but it is lovely. I have been getting the urge to sew again too! Maybe it's the weather?


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