Friday, May 25, 2012


My sewing room has become a retreat this past week.  I've had a project that has a deadline...I'm so good at working to deadlines.  But it does mean that I've ignored my blogging.  I will get round to everyone as soon as I can.  I've missed you all.

Part of the reason I was thinking about sewing last week was because I knew I had this costume to sew.  That is what sent me to the fabric boxes to start with.  And, then, I remembered how much fun sewing is.  My project was an Edwardian costume pour moi to wear in the Lynn Valley Day parade tomorrow.  Since the celebration is 100 years old,  we decided that this was a good theme.  Now, all I needed was a pattern.  A friend lent me hers.  She dropped it off on her way out of town for a holiday.  When I opened it up all I found were the pattern pieces jacket..  That meant no skirt and no blouse.  This is the result of my improvising like mad. 

I only had enough of the brown for the ankle-length skirt - they take a lot of fabric - and a vest.  Fingers crossed it's a warm day - but not too hot.  The jacket sleeves were like the blouse so I could use another pattern for the body and just graft the sleeves on.  Then add a collar and some appropriate lace.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

I remember what I love about sewing at this time of year.  I have this lovely room with lots of windows.  The lilac is blooming right by the window and I can smell the heavenly scent the whole time.  I like the shady morning light coming in - the afternoon is much warmer and brighter.  The classical music is playing; the iron makes little steamy noises every now and then.  The sewing machine purrs and there's peace all around me. 

I still have things to do each day and the peaceful oases have been lovely.  Today is another busy day.  But now that I've re-established my sewing chops, I know I'll get at those fabric pieces we saw last week.  I will start with the summery, blue-flowered one, I think.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Good job!! You are most productive... whether one thing or another! blessings ~ tanna

Annie said...

good job on the costume. I hope we get to see picture of you wearing it. Hint. Hint.

Ginny said...

This looks just spot on!! I never would have known the trouble you had! You conjure such a beautiful vision in my mind of your sewing room, I would love to sit there for a whole day!!!

Rudee said...

I would never leave that room with the view. It's beautiful!

Love the costume! I'm looking forward to the pictures from the parade.


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