Friday, June 29, 2012

A little review

We took no photos at all today.  Instead we drove, and drove and drove.  From Bonavista to Deer Lake to meet our group for the next part of our trip.  There are lots of photos I don't get to share each day are a few of them. A random sampling from the places we've visited so far.

At Tor Bay, we found some beautiful rocks on the beach.  In fact the beach was littered with them. And the ocean had tumbled them to such silky smoothness.  For some reason, these reminded me of little potatoes.  I think it's the colors.

An old sawhorse we saw beside the woodpile.

In the small cemetery, there gravestones for fishermen who had died at sea.  But there were even more like this.  Whole families of children.  So sad.  And totally preventable if only there had been some medical care in reach.  The fishing villages were so isolated then.

This big rock  in the middle of Witless Bay could only be collected on the camera.  Those are seabirds  - mostly puffins and murre - flying around it.

Lupine are everywhere.  They make such wonderful splashes of color in unexpected places.

In case you could forget theat  Bonavista is primarily a fishing town.  Nets drying over the fence in someone's back yard.

Tomorrow, we set out along the northwesten side of Newfoundland on our way to Labrador.


Rudee said...

You make me wish I was heading east next month! Beautiful. Even the rocks.

p.s. I love cemeteries. Such history. I'm glad you took a moment there to honor those who will now never be forgotten because they're on the internet.

Pam Lofton said...

There's a cemetery near us in a village called McClellanville that has a lot of children's graves. My husband's father's mother buried 8 babies. Only 2 survived into adulthood. McClellanville is a fishing/shrimping village. Still enjoying traveling vicariously through your pictures and words!

Mimi said...

I like Rudee's comment!
I too am enjoying travelling vicariously here.
That headstone made me so sad, imagine losing that many children, must have been heartbreaking. There's a headstone similar to that opposite my parent's grave, and it always shocked me to see how many of those little ones did not survive.
The rocks are lovely, they look so smooth, similar, I think, to those used in hot stone career ahead Stephanie!!
I love the colour on the houses in your photos.


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