Monday, June 11, 2012

The morning after

Yesterday was a big clean-up day in the garden.  The rain finally stopped and out came the sun - and the people.  It also made the buttercups bloom...all the easier to find them. 

The buttercups were our main focus because they apparently love the cool wet weather.  They have proliferated madly and have been closing up any bare patches of the flower beds.  They have crept into the grass that we laughingly refer to as the lawn.  They poke their heads up in the raised veggie beds.  Buttercups are amazingly strong and determined. They've grown tall and are showing off their cheeky yellow flowers without fear.

There is an app for the iPad called Farm Story.  I'm told that buttercups are a cash crop for those virtual farmers.  I have these two barrels and a couple of bags.  What can I get for them? 


Ginny said...

Send them all to me! I will plant them in our flower borders. Phil digs them up in the yard and re-plants them in our flower beds. I LOVE them!!!

Mimi said...

Funny, we've not had buttercups in our garden..until this year, and now they stand proud and tall!
I like them, and am reluctant to pull them. as they are filling in gaps for me, but I'm also afraid they'll take over.
So, if I pull them I can get money for them?
Now that changes the landscape!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! Let me know what you get for them. ;) They are really very pretty! blessings ~ tanna

Joanna said...

Oh this made me laugh. I have a couple of barrels of them too. I've been digging them out of the lawn but today had an interesting conversation with a guy at the garden shop. He says there's no point fighting them in the grass here on the we(s)t coast. Just keep mowing and the lawn will look green, which is really all we ask, right?

Rudee said...

Yep. I have buttercups, too.

I'm glad the sun finally came out for you. Hope it stays that way for a bit.

Lily Tequila said...

Moving house soon so our buttercups have free rein now! I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, Stephanie, your posts are always so happy and appreciative of life- please do collect the badge from my post 'The Invisible Importance Of Hats' and please do not fret over following the rules- looking to give you back some appreciation not add work when you've got all that weeding to do!


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