Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday wonders - Y

Y is for Yellow. 

At one time, yellow was my most  favorite color. I once painted my whole pantry - cupboards and all - in two shades of bright yellow:  canary and buttercup.  It was wonderful, for a while.  Tastes change.  At least, mine do.   So yellow's not at the top of my list any more, but still in the top five. 

But now I think I like it in  more natural form.  Like those flashes of color that you see out in the garden. This evening primrose even has its own color-matched bee. 

A butterfly rests against a glossy leaf.  When I was much younger there was a  fashion rule that yellow and green ought never to be worn together.  Who makes up these things?  This is a gorgeous combination.

Sometimes, the yellow is only at the heart of things.  Like the rich center to this creamy lotus blossom.

There are some tender greens that tend towards yellow.  So new, that the sun and the cells haven't made thir chemical magic yet to turn it darker and greener.

All yellows in nature are like gifts of gold.  The sun spreads its richness everywhere early on a summer morning. 


Ginny said...

I love this last reflection. And the primrose, I did not know there are yellow ones!! We only have pink here. When we moved into our house, the kitchen was beyond ugly. So I painted the walls bright yellow, and got a patterned yellow floor...can you even image? It was that way at least 20 years, till we remodeled. Since then i have red that you have to very very careful when you paint your walls yellow, you need the exact right shade.

unikorna said...

Congrats on the Versatile blog award, it's lovely to meet you :).

Rudee said...

Yellow is such a cheerful color. I don't, however, have any on my walls. I do own the most beautiful bright yellow raincoat. It's dry-clean only. lol

Anonymous said...

I know you still like dandelions!

Anonymous said...

Great photos you bring. My husband and I have a warm yellow color in the kitchen and the bathroom...
Have a nice week :)

Joanna said...

What a beautiful post. I agree that yellow is best in nature, especially those early spring greeny ones. That's an incredible butterfly!

I remember the rule that blue and green should never been seen together (except in the washing machine).

Mimi said...

Our version of the blue and green rule was that they should never be seen except on an Irish Colleen (girl)!
I agree with you Stephanie about yellow in nature being gifts of gold, and no more so than in your last picture: it's very beautiful.
The butterfly is lovely too.


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