Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday wonders - Z

Z is for Zip. Zoom. Zest.  Hmmm...I'm having some trouble relating to this letter.  It's an ending letter and I've only got beginning photos.

Look at these itsy,  bitsy spiders.  They're just waiting on the side of the watering can for the sun to reach them...or someone's hand - and then they'll suddenly disappear. Seeing these clumps of spider babies is a privilege of summer. 

With the slightest touch, a hint of disturbance, this jumble of siblings will flash out to a golden shower of tiny bodies flinging themselves off into the unknown.  Off for adventures never imagined.

Me, too.  My bags are ready to be packed.  The laundry is done.  Tickets are printed.  Newfoundland is waiting.  I'll just push off from the dock and be on my way.  Wireless permitting, I will be blogging as we go.


Ginny said...

I'm so glad you're leaving home, but not leaving US!! I look forward to your adventures! Ewwww to the tiny spiders, I have arachnophobia and would kill them all, because they would become big then come inside, then I would scream and pass out. Aren't I a sissy? But I do like your pictures of them, I have never seen any, and it pays to know your enemy. I have seen those big threads throwing in the air, and a few years ago found out it is the baby spiders, kind of amazing really.

Pam Lofton said...

Newfoundland?! Cannot wait for those pictures!!!! Safe travels! And have a blast! And take loads of pictures- remember, some of us (me) travel vicariously! :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Bon Voyage!! enjoy every moment! We'll be waiting to hear all about it. blessings ~ tanna

J.G. said...

Have a great time and keep us posted if you can!

Cindy said...

Have a wonderful time in Newfoundland. If your coming closer do stop by for a visit. I'm just getting back on my feet it has been a long 12 weeks. Hope to see you, have fun


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