Friday, October 5, 2012

Fifty Fridays #10

Friday again!  Whew...that was a mad whirl this week.  Meetings,meetings and more meetings.  But I did have a chance to take my granddaughter to her Scottish dancing class.  That was fun!  And I had time to stay and play some games with the other grands afterwards.  Nice day in the middle of the busy-ness.

For my photo today, I have chosen one that my mother would probably not thank me for if she were here today.  I love this photo as a snapshot of life in the early 50's for a Maritime transplant to a rural community on the West Coast. 

This picture for me is all about my mom.  She is wearing a house dress and I'm pretty sure her hair is in pin curls under that turban.  She is not, however, working at home.  No, she is visiting.  Probably the neighbor across the street - they were very good friends.  These neighbors had more of a farm with a pig and a necessary outhouse.  This was a wonderful place for me with all sorts of stuff that was new to me.  They also had Queenie, the collie who was the mother of our dog Rex.  We loved her.

So, we're actually a bit more dressed up than we would normally have been on a stay-at-home day.  We have white socks which I know were just for special.  Notice that my brother has the ever-present car! And don't you love my mother's dress? It's so nice that I can't imagine doing the spring cleaning in it but I'll bet she did.  Just throw an apron over it and you're good to go.  I never saw my mother in anything but a skirt or dress when I was a kid.  It simply wasn't done. 

This photo was probably taken on the road or near it.  This was in Abbotsford which is nowhere near being rural any more.  It's a suburb of Vancouver now even though you have to drive for an hour - or more in traffic - to get to it.  It was a great place for kids then.


Empty Nester said...

I have pictures of the early 50s of my grandmother in her house the time I came around they would actually don a pair of polyester pants. I think I would rather have seen the dresses. LOL

Anonymous said...

It is quite the outfit for everyday. Love the photo.

Rudee said...

Your mother always looks so stylish in these photographs. I know I'm late in commenting this week, but I really do look forward to your looks back.


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