Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Stash

Hmmm...I seem to have missed a Saturday.  Now where did that one go?  I have been knitting.  Honest.

I  don't have much to show since I forgot to take photos of the last two soaker bibs for Gabby.  Just for the record, the wicking effect of a wool bib is not a myth.  it actually works.  So, if you know a teething baby, this would be a great gift.  Washable wool sock yarn held double works really well with Elaine Fitzpatrick's patterns.  You can find oodles of these cute little critter bibs on her blog, Down Cloverlaine.  Ooh!  I just visited to get the link and she's created the cutest little dog - with a waggly tail.  Take a look.

And here's half a pair of socks.  These are Finchy Feet...can you see the colors of the pretty house finch?  They will be for my grand-daughter who commented that she had outgrown all her Grammy socks.  And winter is coming, you know.  The patterned part is in Feather and Fan which I think is perfect for feet that fly like those finches. 

And youngest grand-daughter needed a new sweater.  She's growing, growing, growing.  So, this is still in the bits and pieces stage.  Just working on the hood now.  Later, I'm going through the stash to find some fancy yarn to give this a bit of oomph!  A little too plain for me. 

Back to knitting...I  have more unfinished stuff, I know.  There are at least three projects that I'm not even talking about that sit quietly on the table and sigh with exaggerated patience.  Soon, my dears, soon.


Joyful said...

Those are great projects. I really love the colour of those socks and the little green sweater in your book. I think your pink sweater will look lovely when you are finished; especially when you add some fancy yarn. Happy knitting. I'm taking a break from my crocheting today.

Mimi said...

Ooh, those socks are beautiful! She will love them! I love how she "hinted" that she needed new ones; kids are hilarious.
Can't wait to see Gaby's sweater made up, and what you create to enliven it. Happy Sunday Stephanie!

Catherine said...

They are beautiful Stephanie! I love the socks colour and she'll love them, I can't wait to knit my grandkids socks for their Barcelona winters which are pretty cold - I was surprised to hear that! I'll get ging on your Balbriggan heel socks soon, have the wool all ready, paintbox colours, gonna try two at a time again!
Catherine xxx

Rudee said...

Sara and I were just talking about knitting Rylan some bibs. We'll be sure to do them in wool.

The socks are beautiful.


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