Friday, October 26, 2012

Fifty Fridays #13

This photo is a lot like last week's.

But while #12 was an informal snap which was posed, this one is very formal.  I recall that a professional photographer came to our house to take a family portrait.  I don't remember why it was taken.  There was never another one.  And, of course, there are a few more faces here.  That baby girl now has pigtails. 

We all had to dress up - even my younger brother is wearing his best overalls.  I remember that they were yellow.  It's too bad that there was never another portrait taken because there is one person hidden from view.  My mother's smock should be a giveaway that another little one will soon be joining the family.  Another little sister for me to baby.  And until I left home, she was like my baby to take care of and keep happy.  My younger brother had a lot of health problems and took up much of my mother's time.  So, I learned a lot about child care in those years.

The photo is taken in the living room of that house that I mentioned a while ago.  If I close my eyes, I can imagine the photo in color.  A lot of creams and greens with brown and gold.  These earth tones were my mother's favorites.  Can you guess?  I absolutely hated those colors.  Still do except in very small doses.  In fact, I know that we were all pretty color-coded. The male jackets are navy.   My dress is a dark green, my mother's top is green, my sister's plaid skirt is also green and blue.  All is harmony.  For the picture.   


Maria said...

How old are you in this picture? I feel like I've seen this one before, but I'm glad you said something about the smock, because I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Rudee said...

It's a beautiful family portrait!

Mimi said...

Lovely portrait!
I too remember what a big deal it was to have a photographer come to the house. Well, truth be told, it would still be a big deal today if a photographer came to our house, we've only done that once in 20 years!
And well I remember "brown and cream", with maybe a touch of orange for "colour". I too hated those colours, mainly cos my parents loved them. I still hate brown!


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