Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday wonders - N

N is for Necessity.  One of my mother's favorite sayings was that  "Necessity is the mother of invention".  This was usually said with a smug smile as she made do with what she had.  There is something very satisfying about making do.  So today, I am, of necessity, making this post 'do' for Saturday Stash as well as Sunday's usual alphabetical offering. 

We spent so much time worrying about the weather at the beginning of the growing season.  Fretting that the tomatoes would never ripen.  Covering the tender plants like babies against all the June rain and cold.  And they come on gangbusters.  We've had such a lovely run of sunshine - more than two months - with no cold, rainy days at all.  And there are tomatoes.  Red ones, yellow  ones, gold and bergundy shades and many still green.  It's hard to imagine when you're anxiously waiting for them to ripen, but it is possible to get tired of eating fresh tomatoes.  Yes, it is. 

This is our solution to bring the sunshine into the winter when it will be most needed.  The tomatoes are cut in half and roasted in the oven with olive oil, rosemary, thyme and lots of garlic from the garden.  Then they go in the freezer.  The house smells delicious with this kind of processing.  The tomatoes taste delicious.  They make winter something to look forward to.  Sort of.

On the stash report, necessity played its part as well.  I have two wool bibs for my granddaughter, Gabby, who is growing some teeth at the moment.  So she drools.  If you make a bib from washable wool it will wick away the moisture...that's the theory.  And we are about to put it to the test.   While I couldn't find the right weight in superwash wool in the chest, I do have LOTS of sock yarn.  Almost every sock I knit yields,  on average, about 90 yards of leftover yarn.  Held double that is exactly the right amount for a soaker-type bib.  And I can use those cute patterns created by Elaine Fitzpatrick

There is also a cotton bib made with the second ball that I bought on sale two weeks ago.  Love the trucks. 

And here is my Cappuccino Hoodie made from a couple of balls of lovely soft yarn - also bought from the clearance basket.  I have folded the hood down to make a big collar but there is a hood there if baby needs warm ears.  The necessity for this?  My need to make something fun with pretty yarn.  I'm especially pleased with the buttons.  I had almost given up finding anything suitable in the jars when I remembered some on cards.  Et  voila. 

And, now, I'll wish all my Canadian blog pals a Happy Thanksgiving...have a great weekend! 


Rudee said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Stephanie! Wish I were coming by for some of those roasted tomatoes! They look delicious!

Your knitting, as usual, is beautiful! Love the collar on that cardigan.

Empty Nester said...

I was just reading along and thinking how great those tomatoes look and imagining the smells and just ooohing and ahhhing over the bibs and then I saw the Hoodie! LOVE! I think it's my favorite of all the sweaters you've made!

Mimi said...

Delicious post, from beginning to end!
The bibs are so lovely, in such a simple way, and the hoodie is just adorable.
You'll enjoy those tomatoes on a frosty winter's day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


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