Friday, October 19, 2012

Fifty Fridays #12

This is getting to be a habit...just dropping by my own blog for the weekend, I mean.  But that pesky newsletter is finished and I have anther six weeks to think about the next one.  That's all I'm going to do:  think about it!

My photo this week is one of those ordinary snaps that all families have in the shoebox.  A posed photo of the children in some semi-formal setting but not professionally done.  Isn't that clear from the unfortunate angle of the photo? 

This is my brother and I and our baby sister.  She was a lovely baby and is today a lovely person.  We're visiting some family friends who lived in what I thought was a rich house.  They were an older couple who had no children and we enjoyed going to visit them as they made a  fuss over us kids.  Mister had a huge budgerigar cage in the back yard.  I was fascinated by all the colored birds but confess that I never wanted to go in the cage or let them touch me.  Missus had porcelain ornaments around the living room.  I had never seen anything this delicate before and I was blown away.  Imagine a lacy crinoline made out of clay!  Or those beautiful little flower-decorated bowls.  I'd never have them in my house now but they were very entrancing when I was ten. 

The furniture reflects both the times and the age of the house decorator.  The upholstery had a swirling design carved into the velour.  I think it was a brown-ish green.  We see these lamps in the thrift shops all the time still so I guess it was modern when the picture was taken.

The three pins that I am wearing on my jumper were very special to me.  There's a little cowboy hat, a boot and a horse.  Each pin is decorated with tiny colored 'jewels' and the set was given to me by my black sheep uncle who lived with us for a few months.  This was just when I was becoming interested in horses.   I wonder whatever happened to those pins? 


Susan Kane said...

What good memories! I had pins once, and now wonder where they are. One was a dachshund, then a silver painters palette, and then a circle of colored crystals. Strange what we can remember.

Anonymous said...

You have lots of good memories and shares them with us so fine :)
Have a great weekend!

Empty Nester said...

That furniture reminds me of Aunt Gerties house. I'm not sure how, or if, she was actually related to any of us but we called her Aunt Gertie. Her house sat high on a hill and it was ginormous! It was filled with the most delicate porcelains and she hid butterscotch candies for us to find. I doubt anyone ever took pictures of Aunt Gertie but I need to find out. Thanks for the memories!

Rudee said...

My aunt had a home like you're describing, but it was very modern for its day. I was always smitten by her collection of furniture and art.

You look like you were the perfect age for a baby sister!

cindy said...

I think my grandmothers house had a couple of those dalton figurines with clay lacy crinolines, I remember wearing one once itchy things, lol not made of clay. These things were all up so high I could barely see them. I can remember wearing jumpers all the time they were the thing then. Maybe your pins might turn up someday.


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