Friday, February 15, 2013

Fifty Fridays #27

Today I'm bringing my mother back on stage.  I've been studying a lot of  her 'little girl' photos, trying to identify the girl in last week's.  I thought I was sure last I'm not as confident that the squidgy-cheeked poppet wasn't my mom.

Look at this one.  A little older and less cheeky.  But the eyes look the same.  And I know this is her.  I guess I'll just have to say it's a bit of a mystery.

I do like photos that tell a story.  This one really is clear.  Poor wee mom has been all dressed up for something special.  But, oh my!  Whatever has happened?  Did she fall and hurt herself?  Or is she crying because she's gotten herself all dirty and now faces someone's wrath? Yet, it seems that even in tears, she's a bit defiant.  Just daring someone to laugh at her.  This fits perfectly as my mother was known as for her temper.  Don't you just love her fancy knickers? 

I can't imagine that there was any wrath directed her way since the camera came out first.  Someone probably was laughing at her.   I am always amazed at the number of pictures there are of my mother as a little girl.  Of course, she was the baby sister to several older brothers who would have doted on her. But I was always told that there was little money for extras.  Her brothers were older and at least one might have been working when this was taken but I can't imagine he had extra money for a camera. 

She lived in a city but spent time on a farm with her stepmother's family near Digby as well as at her mother's family farm on the Gulf Shore of Nova Scotia.  Her father was a ships' carpenter and was often away at sea.    The family did all live together until her brothers began moving out of the home.  Then I think she went to live on the farm on a more permanent basis.

Someone could afford a camera - and the film -and liked taking photos of this cute little girl.  I'm very glad that person did. 


Sue H said...

Lovely to see these old photos and speculate.

I was convinced that the absence of all but a handful of photos of me as a child was down to the fact that our faithful 'box Brownie' camera was probably broken - there are masses of pictures of my older siblings as infants.

Then just the other week we found old negatives amongst some of my uncle's papers etc. With new software my brother-in-law was able to reproduce positive copies, some of which were of me!

50+ years after they were taken, I saw them for the first time, just a few days ago: here !

Empty Nester said...

Your mother and I have something in common- both being known for our temper. I get it from my dad. I so enjoy these Friday posts of yours!

Mimi said...

She is so feisty! Love it!
It's funny how even small kids show their personality. I think the family must have doted on her; as you rightly point out, there was little money for extras in those days, yet they spent on camera, film, developing.

Angie said...

So lucky to have these photos - just love looking at them.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You are very fortunate to have all these wonderful photos!! Hope you have a great weekend, Stephanie! blessings ~ tanna


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