Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Stash

Good thing we don't do the Groundhog Day thing out would mean six more weeks of winter!  And that's why we don't do it, I guess.  It would be meaningless.   As it is anyway.  However, there are those who think knitting may be meaningless, too.  Each to her own.

This week the theme was Variety.  I found myself switching between five different weights almost every day.  Now that's a varied workout. 

In the lace-weight corner is the Spring Trees shawl.  I'm up to the tops of the trees now and those branches are mighty small.  Lots of yarnovers and lots of opportunities to make a mistake.  But I'm done with that chart now and working on the second last section which is almost all yarnovers.  Then the edging and I'm done.  I have touched up the color a bit so that the green doesn't look as gray as last week.  This is the real color.

And under the sock yarn banner is a newcomer:  Lady Violet's Shooting Socks.  This is my BFL that I got for Christmas.  And I confess to a little Downton Abbey influence.  I can imagine Lady Violet taking part in the shoot.  But I think she would appreciate the birds and the hills more than she would really shoot.  So, I have birds against the heather as they are flushed into the open.  Or the birds flying against a gray sky.  The lace at the top is a nod to her always being a lady no matter where she is.  Otherwise, the sock is plain-spoken without much nonsense - just like Lady Violet.  They will be perfect in boots.

Sport-weight was a weekly entry.  I have finished one-half the  Downton Abbey KAL and the trim at the top turned out to be a few rows of feather and fan lace.  Not expected and very pretty. 

I began working on Wendy's Mork sweater and it's a pleasure to knit with this worsted weight. It's a strong and springy yarn and should knit up quite well.  Halfway up the back already.  The yarn almost knits itself  - it's that lively. 

Last is the bulky section.  Oh, that doesn't sound right. does it?  But, here is my Gardening Pullover with the back completed.  I have pretty much decided on the knit side to be the right side.  As I work I just like it better.  No other reason.  I also seem to be knitting two sweaters the same as Mork begins with a heavy rib pattern, too.  No cables for the garden, though. 

I think an adventure outside is in order....while the sun shines. 


Rudee said...

I haven't done much knitting this year. I feel like such a sloth compared to your industrious ability with the needles. I love your nod to Lady Violet with those socks! Beautiful!

I did finish my mitt and look forward to the next clue, even though that means we're halfway through season 3 of Downton Abbey.

The shawl is gorgeous.

Mimi said...

I'm again in awe of your talent Stephanie.
Having 5 projects on the go at one time is no mean feat, and these are one nicer than the next. Great photos too, I can almost feel the different weight yarns by looking at your photos.
Lady Violet's Shooting socks are my favourite.

Wendy Devent said...

I'm so excited. I'm glad it is going well. I'd feel guilty if it was a nightmare project. I owe you a huge favor! :)

Susan Kane said...

Such lovely work! The colors are like a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I am loving everything, especially the socks.


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