Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Stash

My apologies for not showing up last Saturday.  It was newsletter week and all I knit on was the white sweater since it was pretty simple stuff.  This week, I crossed all kinds of finish lines. 

The Downton Abbey KAL aka Concordia Gauntlets are all finshhed.  And so is this season of Downton Abbey.  I'm not sure I want to watch any more...they killed off my favorite character.  No chance of it being a cliff-hanger and wondering for months if he's really dead.  Pretty sure it's a done deal.  Oh, I know I'll be back for more but won't be quite the same again.

Still in Downton Abbey land, my Lady Violet Shooting's Socks are all finished, too.  The yarn - a Blue-faced Leicester from Fleece Artist - is absolutely wonderful to put on your feet.  And it's very easy on the hands while knitting, too.  I love them.  They won't see too many pheasants or grouse but I can promise a whole bunch of heather.  Once I get them out in that garden.

The Spring Trees shawl is blocking and I took that photo rather than one draped over my shoulder.  The main attraction to this pattern is the branching of the fractal pattern.  It was a tricky pattern at times but definitely worth the effort.  And the charting and pattern-writing was top-notch.  The trees here are not quite getting their spring haze of new green but that is what this shawl reminds me of. 

And the last project which is not finished but getting much closer.  I spent some time this morning with the neckline.   This is not the clearest pattern-writing.  They explain some things and then just leave you to figure out others.  It is not written for inexperienced knitters.  Although, once you get what they haven't told you, it's quite doable for almost any knitter.  I only have the sleeves to go now and I think it's going to be  a smashing sweater.  Spring in Alberta sounds like a great time to test it out. 

The nice thing about so many finished all at once is I get to start a whole bunch of things now.  I'll have to get see what's in the stash chests and spend many hours some time checking out likely patterns.  Now that's fun.


Empty Nester said...

I really like that shawl! Doesn't look like something I would be able to tackle, but it sure is pretty!

Mimi said...

4 fabulous projects!
That shawl looks very complicated, and very fine!
The Downton Abbey gauntlets are really lovely- I love the drawstring.
We also get the benefit of your finishing, cos we can see all the new projects too...assuming you post them, of course!

Anonymous said...

LOvely group of finished objects. Great design and colour of the socks and gloves. That shawl is so different from tradional lace, I love the geometry of it and the colour. Looking forward to seeing the completed sweater.

Rudee said...

Wow, but you've been so productive. I had 34 hours in a car, and didn't accomplish a skein's worth of knitting!

I'm with you on DA. I liked Matthew. And Sybil. It won't be the same without them. BTW, I haven't even cast on the second gauntlet yet!

Paws on the Run said...

So excited!!! Spring is the perfect time to try out a new sweater. Hopefully I can keep the white, white. :)

Jesh StG said...

Wow, you're knitting up a storm! I watch DA more for the clothes they wear than anything else:)


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