Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two Trees; One Ring

I feel like I just wrote this post.  Either the week flew by really fast or not much has changed out in the world of my trees.  Actually, its a bit of both.

The maple is just about the same as it was last week, I think.  Maybe those buds are fluffed a bit more.  Maybe I'm imagining that.

And copper beech hasn't changed at all.  Such a slow-grower.  I could say that the spots on the branches seem more pronounced but that may be because of the rain slicking down the bark. 

It's a rainy day and I took these while sheltering under an umbrella.  That seems to change the light a little bit even though I used my white umbrella.  It has been mostly rainy this week, feeding those rings up nice and plump.  But yesterday was a cold and clear day with wind.  It felt like March but maybe colder.  A huge amount of snow on the mountains which suits me just fine.  All the beauty but none of the work.  My kind of weather. 


Angie said...

The maple is not showing up for me! (Oh no not that again!!!) The copper beach is a great colour.

Susan Kane said...

Keep the photos coming! Would love to see a spring coming to life (not here in California).

Mimi said...

I think the trees realise that spring this year is taking its time! So clever of you to use a white umbrella!

J.G. said...

Lovely close-ups! It's such fun to see spring make up her mind, and when she does, go into full speed.


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