Friday, March 1, 2013

Fifty Fridays #29

Today's photo looks as though it has traveled a bit.  Maybe carried in a purse or wallet as a reminder of home.  I don't know who had this photo or who took it.

It was taken about 1920.  This is my great-aunt Lulu as a young teenager with her grandmother, Olivia, who would have been about 70 at the the time.  She would be my father's great-great grandmother.  I know very little about her.  She married an Irish sailor who emigrated to Nova Scotia where she was born..

I think she must have been a small woman since a teenager is almost as tall as she is.  I wonder where they were going?  Lulu looks a bit dressed up and maybe Grandma is, too.  It's so hard to tell but she does have a white collar and cuffs which I doubt would be work clothes.  

She had seven children - another of her granddaughters married my Father's father. I try to see likenesses but I really can't find much.  There are a lot of generations in between us and many gene pools to mix it up. 


Catherine said...

I knew there was Irish blood in there somewhere! Your Aran knitting skills are a testament to that legacy, and isn't it funny, so many Irish went to Canada back at the time of the Famine, and there has always been commercial and fishing links with Newfoundland and Waterford, where I live. Nova Scotia would indicate Scottish links. THe people of NEwfoundland are supposed to have Waterford accents (poor things, not the greatest accent around, very flat vowels!), and the music is very similar to Irish trad. Small world!
(Terrible blogger lately, must do better! Microblogging like Twitter and Facebook have taken over my life instead!)

Mimi said...

You've done some great research there, got loads of information about her. She definitely looks as though they're going somewhere, I wondered if it was to Church?
I'm always in awe of how far people travelled in emigration, when travel was so difficult. But the life they left was more difficult; they were resilient people.


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