Friday, March 29, 2013

Fifty Fridays #33

Today the weather is warm enough for kids to sit on the grass and play with a puppy.  Maybe it's springtime in today's photo as well. 

This photo was taken around 1920.  These are my three uncles - my mother's big brothers.  Ira on the right would have been about eleven years old; Seymour on the left about nine,  and Howard in the middle about five.

What do you suppose the story is here?  Clearly a wrong has been done to make that boy cry.  Did he want to hold the puppy?  Did the littlest brother do something really naughty?  He does have a  "" expression, doesn't he?  All the stories that I have ever heard about Howard would lend some weight to that theory.  He always seemed the most lively of the three with a quirky sense of humor.  When you're a kid that can definitely get you into trouble.

It speaks to the cost of photos that this one was kept.  I'm glad it was as this is such a natural pose.  And so typical of brothers. 


Empty Nester said...

LOVE those expressions! Priceless! I have a picture similar to that of Breezy and Deanie when they were about 5 and 7 years old. It's one of my favorites. So funny! I wonder if you asked them, would they remember?

Laura said...

love that photo - gorgeous!

Susan Kane said...

It does make me wonder what they were doing, right before they were forced to sit for a photo. Great photo!

Mimi said...

Love it! Much better than posed "say cheese" ones!
The little guy in the middle does have a look of mischief about him! I agree wuth Empty Nester re asking them if they remember. But please do let us know if you get any more info.

Stephanie V said...

Sadly, my mom and all her big brothers are no longer around to ask. The oldest would have been 103 this year! She was the baby and would not have even been born at this time.


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