Monday, March 18, 2013

Modern times

Ah,  my mother loved to take pictures.  She had a lovely old bellows camera with a nifty viewing window that totally fascinated me when I was little.  Of course, we were never allowed to touch her camera.  I think my dad was - but only just for a shot she wanted to be in.  Otherwise, hands off.

This morning, the sun rose brilliant and the world was incredibly glittery after a night of rain.  I was entranced by the way the sun's rays caught the raindrops stuck in the trees.  I went out with the camera. It's not so easy to capture, is it? But I love the shape of the tree branches.

 I kept trying because I could - that's the joy of digital.  My mother always was very careful when taking a photo because the film and the developing were not cheap.  You always planned ahead.  I decided to move and try a different angle.  This is better. 

I am so lucky that  I can just click off many shots and then just discard what doesn't work.  The last is the best - in my opinion - as the drops are shaken off the branch by a little breeze.  I think mom would have liked this morning.


Angie said...

That last shot captures your morning!

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

these shots are very beautiful :)

Rudee said...

These are all beautiful photos. You're talented behind the camera!

Jeannette StG said...

Oh, beautiful captures, Stephanie!


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