Friday, March 8, 2013

Fifty Fridays #30

Spring is coming.  And we will be able to sit out under the trees again.  Well, when the grass dries out.  A family outing is always welcome when the sun is shining.  We might even find it so warm that we need to seek shade as this family did almost a hundred years ago. 

This is a rare photo of my father's grand-father and his family.  It was taken about 1920 and probably was taken by the baby's mother since she is not in the photo.  So, let me present: my great-grandfather and mother, Jonathan and Sarah Jane.  Between them is their daughter,  Frances.  The young man is my grandfather, Charles, and his son, Frank.  His wife Lavinia is off behind the camera, I think. 

My grandfather had two families and we are looking at his first.  And this is his first child - he seems rather shy yet proud of this young son. This is my German heritage.   I look at this family and see where I get my features.  It's true, I have my father's nose!  And my grandfather's...and my great-grandfather's.  Yikes!  Those are strong genes.

I'm not sure of the setting but I'm guessing it's the cemetery.  We did a lot of touring of Nova Scotia cemeteries while studying the family history and this setting looks familiar. May of the cemeteries are smaller with extended families or sometimes just the immediate family.  But there are several that are quite large and they are as good as parks.  I can see making a Sunday family day visiting the relatives.  I love to walk around in cemeteries and look at the old stones and wonder about the lives lived.  Or just plain make up stories to go with the words on the stones. 


Empty Nester said...

I have strong German heritage on my mother's mother's side. Scottish on my mother's father's side and English on my dad's side. We've got a few pictures that we cannot identify and I'm so sad about that. The more I learn about my ancestors the more I want to know. I love hearing about other folks' families too! I love what you're doing with the photos. Maybe this should be a meme for others to join in?

Susan Kane said...

Keep looking and finding out your family history!! I wish I had started this earlier!

Mimi said...

I agree with previous commenters, you're doing a great job and it's all very interesting. And documented for future generations.
It's a nice looking cemetery, though they're not places I like to hang out in.


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