Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Stash

It was shaping up to be a pretty uneventful week on the knitting front. 

I felt like I was really scooting along with the first of the sweater fronts.  Since it was only half the width, there were only half the stitches added in for that dolman sleeve.   I'll start the other side this morning.  The rib has the same number of stitches as most of my socks and uses the same size needles.  So, tell me why it seems to take forever.

 I did kind of get seduced away from it, too.  On Tuesday, I was given a mountain several large bags of yarn which had been donated to the seniors.  After sorting it out and putting some aside for other folks' projects.  I realized that this was mostly chunky and bulky yarns.  Not something I usually work with but there's a place for all yarns.  The donation box was empty and I hadn't knit anything for little people in a while.  Here was my chance.

On Thursday, I cast on for my Not-My-Grampa's Cardi.  The pattern is this one by Ned Renfield.  Really, really simple.  It would have been even easier had I had the right size dpn's for the sleeves.  I had to knit them flat and seam them later.  Those small amounts of yarn were all that I had left.  I even had to fudge the collar by a couple of rows. 

I'm just going to go and sew on the buttons and seam the sleeves now.  Then I'll look in the bag and see what else I can make.  There's a little baby blanket I'd like to make up.  Have you noticed that the seniors buy a lot of baby stuff?


Rachel Cotterill said...

There's something of a strange, disembodied look to "parts" of knitting like that front by itself! I'm not sure what it is but it makes my brain do a double-take.

Love the blue cardi - do you know who it will be for?

Mimi said...

Great idea to donate the big bag of yarn and very generous of you to "add value" to it for the store. I'm thinking of the number of people who benefit- the donor, who cleared unwanted yarn, the purchaser who gets a unique and beautifully knit gift, the baby who wears it, and you get to use your skills to help others.

Anonymous said...

That cardi is super cute, great use of colour and I like the pattern.

Rudee said...

That little cardi is adorable! Some little one is going to be toasty warm in that beautiful creation.

Jeannette StG said...

The baby sweater is super cute:):) Have a happy Easter!


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